Girls Grandma Costume

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GRANDMA COSTUME Well, how about that, your little one just can't wait to grow up! That's pretty ironic, considering that a lot of grandparents would feel the exact opposite and would want to be young again! Still, good for them. Looking forward to the future. There is a lot of great stuff to look forward to when you become a senior citizen! Senior Citizen discounts, for example. Getting a discount just for being old is a pretty cool concept, we can't wait to cash in on that one! then there is the fact that folks always help carry your groceries and help you cross the street and stuff. It's always nice to have a helping hand. After that there is the fact that you are retired! You get to quit working and live it up. If you want to eat dinner at 3 pm, go ahead! It's not like you're going to be at work, you got the time! FUN DETAILSThis costume will have your little one feeling surprisingly old but no more mature! They'll be wearing a flower covered dress underneath a yellow sweater with a white collar. This whole combination perfectly fits our grandma's tastes. We've also included the wig and the glasses, both of which are essential when portraying your grandmother! The glasses don't have lenses, so you don't have to worry if the prescription is right! Lastly, we've included directions to build your own walker. These easy instructions spell out the materials and the steps necessary to build your own walker. GRANDMAThis costume is perfect for any little kids who are mature beyond their years. They could have a taste of what their life may well look like when they are older! This fun costume is sure to get a laugh or two from anyone you see. 

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